So you are ready to make what will likely be the single most significant purchase of your life. That is exciting! But it can also be a little stressful as you consider all of your options, study neighborhoods, search listings, compare properties, evaluate prices, worry about missing an opportunity, etc. That’s why you should work with a real estate professional who has the knowledge and experience necessary to help you through every step of the house-hunting process—someone whose record of success and client satisfaction speaks for itself. That’s Leigh Marcus & his team, recognized year after year as one of the top real estate agents in the Chicago/Cook County area.

Every year, Leigh helps clients buy or sell more homes in Chicagoland than any other agent at @properties, the Chicago area’s top-ranked brokerage firm.

@properties leads the Chicago real estate market because it works hard to stay ahead of the curve, continuously monitoring market trends and conditions, and maintaining the best resources to help clients, whether they are buying or selling. This level of support, coupled with Leigh’s strong skill set, extensive knowledge of Chicagoland's communities and neighborhoods, and his commitment to providing only the best, most current information to clients, makes Leigh Marcus a home buyer’s best choice in a real estate agent.

Always dedicated to helping buyers find their dream home, Leigh and his team are your go-to source for real estate market insight and advice across the Chicago area, as well as hands-on help with your house hunting. No one gets better results in the residential home market. Period. So if you are looking to buy a home in Cook County, you cannot do better than to have Leigh Marcus working for you.

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