Tried to Sell?

    Have you Tried to Sell Before?

    Top 3 Reasons Homes Don’t Sell:

    1. Marketing-Marketing is all about exposure. You need to get the word out about your house to as many buyers as possible. Just putting your home on the MLS or a sign in the front yard is not enough to cause a home to sell for top dollar.
    2. Condition-Now is the time to do any projects that you have been putting off in order to give your home maximum curb appeal.
    3. Price-If your home is overpriced, buyers may come take a look but they will not make offers, even low ball offers. Pricing your home correctly will help minimize your stress and cause your home to sell rather than sit on the market month after month.

    Have You Tried to Sell Before with Another Agent Unsuccessfully?

    Have you ever wondered why some homes sell immediately and others sit and finally expire? A great real estate agent can price a home correctly and drive up the value of a home.

    If you are wondering what an agent would do differently, you may want to consider interviewing the top agent selling the most homes in your neighborhood.

    Here are the 4¬†questions to consider before hiring a top agent for the job of selling your home…

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